One Line A Day | 5 Year Memory Book


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A Line A Day Bullet Journal | A 5 Year Memory Book

A line a day digital bullet journal can be used as an additional tracker, a memory capture, or a gratitude journal. One line a day has become really popular!

Simple & Impactful Habit

This journal is packed with numbered lines from 1 to 365 or 366 for our leap years. Each year has an annual calendar view with links on the numbered days to easily help you to navigate to the desired and coordinating page of the journal. Links are also provided on each page for you to return to the index which is also hyperlinked with links to each year and an open spread blank layout for you to create your digital vision board for each year.

2020 has already begun and time is steadily passing, but the pages can be still be used as well as the vision board as a tool to help you plan out your vision from this point to the end of the year. Vision boards can be a reminder for the coming year so you can be intentional with your life, plans, and goals.

Remember to enjoy the paperless journey with options that include more than planners.