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2020 Dated All in One Planner

Build the ultimate planner with this planner made to cut your designing time in half so you can jump right into building your pages.

The quicker you have the planner right for you, the quicker you can plan your intentions and get to knocking those items off your list, make memories, and spend time doing more of what you love - even if it's planning!

What's included

- Cover Page

- Key: Index Page with link to additional paper styles and your templates

- Starred Page: link to blank page for you to add whatever you want

- Map : Link to travel planner with predesigned cover that has 5 linked and pre-labeled sections {see photo}

- Book: Link to Notebook designed with a folded corner design and included 3 paper styles {lined, graph grid, and dot grid}

- Lock: Personal Vault section with labelled categories all of which are each linked to a semi-blank page for you to add another index and subsequently import your files as pdf for ultimate document organization.

- List: Link to all the different page layouts included and paper styles as well as blank linked boxes for you to add some of your own. This page is also linked from the index page -"Additional Pages"

- Calendar: 2020 Dated Year Overview; each calendar links to dated month where you can further add your preference of planning style and layouts. This way if you plan weekly then add weeklies, if you like daily planning then add daily layouts, or maybe you like both, the possibilities are endless and completely up to you. You also get a link to important dates, holidays and events.

Every page has tabbed header links to each dated monthly pages and the 7 icons for easy navigation to each category plus 12 more numbered icons to 12 additional blank pages.


After purchase, you will receive 1 PDF and 1 zip file which has the jpeg image of each layout for use with OneNote (simply set the photo as background image and build your planner).