Mommy and Baby Memory Book Bundle


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Create the best chronological account of your pregnancy and baby's first year on your phone, iPad, PC or tablet.

Document your pregnancy experience and journey of motherhood. Section 1 is "before there was you" This is a blended use of large monthly calendars with traditional baby book topics that are completed before the baby arrives.
- all about mom

- all about dad

- calendars for your monthly experiences

- our family tree

- the world you've come into

- the baby shower

- when we found out

- baby's arrival

- page for ultrasounds

- its all in the name (how you decided on your baby's name)

- lined journal for your thoughts and feelings, you can add the dates

Once baby has arrived you can continue to document your journey with the baby's first calendar.

- 5 calendar layouts to choose from

- a note from mommy

- a note from daddy

- picture collage layout

Once baby reaches one and you have completed the first year, you can keep documenting with the Memory Keeper.

This notebook is for all the things and pictures for years to come such as school pictures, school awards, vacation pictures, selfies and anything else you want to keep a digital account of. After all they are "the tech kids".