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2020 Dated Big Monthly Planner | Monday Start | Minimalist Design | Digital Planner | Portrait Vertical Layout

We all plan differently.

Some people use weekly planners, some use daily planners, and some people need monthly, weekly, and daily planners.

This planner is a just a monthly planner that was inspired from a childhood memory. You know when "aunt flo" was introduced to you, you got a little care package that had all the essentials and favorite things to make sure "aunt flo" wasn't a pain in your butt! Well part of my care package was a pocket size monthly planner. Of course it was also used to track other things as well and sometimes in a encrypted way for those wandering noisy parents and siblings. But anywho, since we have our phones and tablets, I like the simplicity of being able to do the same thing without needing a new pocket planner every year. I can just save the digital planner and it becomes a memory book for you to look back on for years to come.

So, here is what you get in this planner:
- 20 page hyperlinked PDF designed in a minimalist theme for you to add your own colors and flair.
- Cover Page - Plum Gradient
- Index Page - you can click each word for easy navigation, plus there is room on the side for you to doodle, and add stickers and what not!
- 2020 Year at a Glance - you can click on each month
- Important Dates - I was gonna put in the US Holidays, but then I thought "what if they are not in the US?" so this page is gridded for you to add those important dates and holidays that are special to you.
- Future Planning - this page is also gridded for you to write down the events , plans, and vacations that you are planning in 2021.
-12 Dated Monthly Calendars - with monday start each month page has 3 links {click the month name to return to the year view, click "important dates" to go to that page, and click "notes" to go to the notes page.
- Notes page - lined notebook page for you to take quick notes.
- Passwords - keep track of those passwords you need
- Contacts - keep up with addresses that maybe are or are not saved in your phone contacts.

Tip: In Goodnotes 5, if you like multiple styles, you can always insert this whole file in between the pages of another file, and the hyperlinks will still work.

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